CleanMark Solutions | Our Process
Cleanmark solution process for ware washing - pre-soak, wash, sanitise, dry, pack, deliver and collect.
soak, wash, dry, sanitise
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How We Do It
  • 01 Sort & Pre-Soak

    Wares are sorted and pre-soaked in water and destainer to cut through tough stains and grease

  • 02 Wash, Sanitise, Dry

    Wares are triple-washed, sanitised and dried in the multi-tank automated dishwasher.

  • 03 Pack

    Wares are checked and packed in tubs lined with disposable plastic to ensure they remain contamination-free.

  • 04 Secured

    Tubs are secured with cable ties to reduce unnecessary handling or chances of foul play.

  • 05 Transport

    Our logistics team provide daily collection and delivery of wares all year round.

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